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Chancellor's Award

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The Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to the LGBTQA Community is to recognize outstanding efforts to create an inclusive, respectful, and safe climate for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These efforts may be by an individual, an organization or department within the institution. Previous nominees may be re-nominated. The award recipient must demonstrate a sustained and tangible impact on the campus community.

Examples of such efforts might include:

  • advocating for GLBT individuals, groups, and issues in UNL campus settings
  • promoting the professional advancement of GLBT faculty and staff members, and encouraging and supporting the recognition of service contributions beyond those normally expected
  • commitment to creating projects that promote greater awareness of GLBT issues, including actual and potential oppression, within the University
  • designing activities and programs that convey an active commitment to diversity and inclusion, personal safety and mutual respect for, and among, GLBT students, faculty, and staff

Visit the Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Gender and Sexual Identities to learn how to nominate a student or faculty/staff member.

Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to the LGBTQA Community Recipients:
2000 Vern Williams, Career Services
2001 Luis Diaz-Perdomo, University Health Center
2002 Pat Tetreault, University Health Center
Barbara DiBernard, English Department
2003 Louis Crompton, Emeritus, English
George E Wolf, Emeritus, English
Ryan Fette, Student Recipient
2004 English Department, College of Arts & Sciences
Robert D Brown,Emeritus, Educational Psychology
James V. Griesen, Student Affairs
Linda Major, Student Involvement
Dan Franks, Student Recipient
2005 Joy S Ritchie, English
Kris Gandara, Student Recipient
2006 Debra Anne Hope, Psychology
Student Recipient: Spectrum/QSA Transition Team
2007 Janice Deeds, Student Involvement
Father Don Hanway, Retired Pastor, St. Mark’s on the Campus & CGLBTC
Allen Ratliff, Student Recipient
2008 Debbie Krahmer, University Libraries
Greg Gifford, Student Recipient
Amanda Garrett, Student Recipient
2009 Bill Waters, OASIS/the Culture Center
Heath Harding, Student Recipient
2010 James (Jim) Cole, Psychology
2011 Robin Whisman, Campus Recreation
Jason Lucht, Student Recipient
2012 Reverend Stephen Griffith
Emily Schlichting, Student Recipient
2013 J.B. Milliken, President of the University of Nebraska
Scott Schneider, Student Recipient
2014 Danny Ladely, Director of the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
Annie Pigaga, Student Recipient
2015 Jonathan Frederick Walz, Curator at the Sheldon Museum of Art
Robert Lipscomb III & Grant Thomas, Student Recipients
2016 Melissa Peters, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Student Leadership and Diversity Initiatives
Austin Christensen, Student Recipient
2017 Dr. Stacey Waite, Department of English
Lauren Segal & Ignacio Correas, Student Recipients
2018 Lawrence Chatters - Athletics, Life Skills Program
JD McCown - LGBTQA+ Graduate Assistant, Student Recipient
2019 Keith Zimmer & DaWon Baker - Athletics
Kai Meacham - Student Recipient


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