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LGBTQA+ Peer Mentor Program

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Attend fun events, build lasting connections, and explore personal and professonal development!

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Share your experiences with students new to the campus and/or LGBTQA+ communities!

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Program Mission

To provide LGBTQA+ students with the resources and community they need to be a successful student at UNL and active member of the LGBTQA+ community.

Our Goal

For all LGBTQA+ students to have to opportunity to be connected with a mentor. Mentors are available to answer questions, provide advice and resources, and help students participate in a number of group and community events. Their primary responsibility is to assist LGBTQA+ students with their social, personal, academic, and professional transition to UNL as an LGBTQA+ student.

Program Purpose

The transition to college can be hard, especially for members of the LGBTQA+ community. The LGBTQA+ Peer Mentor Program was established to help ease this transition in four primary areas: social, personal, academic, and professional. The Peer Mentor Program hosts activities, events, and programming throughout the school year geared toward helping students in each of these areas.

Group Structure

The LGBTQA+ Peer Mentor Program is built around a cohort structure. Many of the events and programs are intended to have everyone participate to facilitate bonding between all the mentees and mentors.

The cohort is then further broken down into mentoring groups. Each group has one mentor with a small number of mentees. The mentors meet with their mentees one-on-one and schedule smaller group events.

Program Structure

One-on-ones: Meetings that are held at least once a month between a mentee and their mentor. These meetings provide an opportunity for the mentee to get to know their mentor and ask any questions they may have. One-on-ones also allow the mentor to gauge how the mentee is doing socially, personally, academically, and professionally to offer any resources or advice they find useful.

Check-ins: Weekly or bi-weekly messages to see how the mentee is doing with class and in their social/personal life. Usually mentor initiated, but mentees can reach out throughout the year as well.

Group Events: Events planned and led by a mentor or group of mentors for all mentees to attend. These events are to keep mentees engaged and show them things they can do around the university and Lincoln. Examples of events include bowling, pumpkin carving, movie outings, and First Friday art walks.

Program Activities: Get-togethers organized by the Peer Mentor Program Coordinator for all mentees and mentors to attend. Activities generally fall into two categories: socials and professional development. Socials allow all mentees to mingle and get to know each other. Professional development activities offer the opportunity to learn more about research, further education, careers, and more.


"The LGBTQA+ Peer Mentor Program was an instrumental part of my first year experience. It helped show me that there is a vibrant LGBTQA+ community on campus, and I got to meet so many new people."
— former mentee

"My favorite part about the program was all of the events. Bowling, carving pumpkins, cooking a homemade meal together – spending time with other mentees and mentors was so much fun! That’s why I wanted to become a mentor my sophomore year."
— former mentee and mentor

I wasn’t out in high school, and the PMP helped me learn to be comfortable in queer spaces and be out in my classes and professionally. I’m very involved in the community now!
— former mentee and mentor



Usually incoming, new, transfer, and international undergraduate students, but can be any student interested in having an LGBTQA+ mentor on campus.

Mentee Application

Download, complete, and email application to Please attach a headshot to help the Center staff get to know you! Due September 18 at noon to ensure inclusion in program retreat.


Volunteer second-year or upper-class students who identify as LGBTQA+, understand what it’s like to be new at UNL, are familiar with campus resources and opportunities, and can connect with peers to help them be successful on campus.

Mentor job description

Mentor Application

Download, complete, and email application to Please also include your resume, headshot, and Spring class schedule. Due September 4 at noon.


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