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Neon bowties and music notes

Dress how you want. Bring who you want. Be who you are.

The Rainbow Ball is an LGBTQA+ inclusive Homecoming Dance. We hosted the first annual Rainbow Ball in Fall of 2018, and we are excited to keep the tradition going. In high school, it can be hard for LGBTQA+ students to express themselves, both in how they dress and in who they bring.

We wanted to create a space for LGBTQA+ students to come and enjoy themselves during a time of celebration at the University. Co-hosted by the LGBTQA+ Center, Spectrum UNL, and oSTEM @ Nebraska (see our RSO page), the motto of the Rainbow Ball is simple: dress how you want, bring who you want, be who you are.

The Rainbow Ball has a dance floor with a DJ that takes requests (yes, all the Lady Gaga songs you desire), as well as popcorn and other snacks, refreshments, and a photo booth with tons of rainbow props!

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